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Support with Sippy

Whether you purchase or rent a license, Sippy will provide you and your team onboarding, online training and a comprehensive library of online documentation.

Sippy's support team works 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  Our support guarantees are real and we keep our promises.  The support team is made up of qualified engineers trained, and managed by Sippy.  

Key Advantages

  • Sippy products are 100% developed, controlled and maintained in-house

  • Customization and Feature development: Sippy can customize or improve its products according to market needs and customer requests, without restriction from any external vendors/service

  • Complete control of development roadmap, patches, security releases, and features

  • Quick support as the team has full access to the code

  • Flexibility: Sippy has flexibility to make changes to meet local business/legal/gov requirement

  • Reliable: Sippy uses the latest version of the FreeBSD operating system which is far more robust, scalable and secure system than Linux

  • High-quality support: 24/7 support by ‘real’ people. Every representative is trained in-house by Sippy. Sippy Support provides on-boarding, training and general support; as well as customized support services and consultations. Competitors offer auto response and incompatible support.

All internal documentation is updated on a regular basis ensuring that you have access to vital information you and your team can use to know your Softswitch inside and out.

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