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FreightSwitch Clustering

Softswitch Telecommunications Network VoIP SIP Sippy Class 4 Class 5 Clustering Redundancy Standby Failover PBX Switch RFC 3261 Sippyswitch FreightSwitch STIR SHAKEN TLS RTP MS Teams Compliant Microsoft Teams Compliant

To complement its solution offerings, Sippy has designed the FreightSwitch, a SIP softswitch product capable of large scale capacity and CPS (Calls Per Second).  Sippy's FreightSwitch can be set up in large clusters to offer Geo-Redundancy.

The primary benefit of Sippy’s FreightSwitch is that it allows you to create redundant SIP clusters capable of passing traffic through your network at capacity and CPS (calls per second) levels that far exceed what is possible with the traditional softswitch.  

Some of the main advantages of Sippy’s FreightSwitch over the traditional softswitch are:

  • Clustering ability

  • Database is separate from the main platform

  • Database is accessible to all nodes within the cluster

  • Uses GoLang for SBC instead of Python3

  • Dramatic CPS improvements using our latest GoLang SBC

  • Scalability of number of nodes

  • Primary and fallback nodes are configurable 

  • Traffic can be managed per node according to priority


Below is a sample scenario that can be achieved using Sippy’s FreigthSwitch technology:

Softswitch Telecommunications Network VoIP SIP Sippy Class 4 Class 5 Clustering Redundancy Standby Failover PBX Switch RFC 3261 Sippyswitch FreightSwitch STIR SHAKEN TLS RTP MS Teams Compliant Microsoft Teams Compliant
FS TABLE_edited.jpg

Freight Switch Specific Features

Sippy has been hard at work getting FreightSwitch loaded up with some great new features that are unavailable in our “STANDARD” Softswitch Product.  These are some of the differences between the standard softswitch and the FreightSwitch:





Cluster Capable

FreightSwitch is capable of being run as a cluster.  This means you can run multiple Signaling nodes in multiple regions all working from a centralized FreightSwitch node.  This gives you a great degree of flexibility in terms of growing your voice business and managing maintenance windows.  Adding extra nodes increases your capacity and shifting your call traffic between nodes allows maintenance to be done on individual nodes.  And you can be fully assured all your configurations remain exactly the same between nodes.


Centralized Management

Our Clustered Solution allows FreightSwitch operators to manage multiple signaling nodes from a single system.  Any of your configurations that are done on the management nodes are sent to each of the signaling nodes to process your call traffic effectively and consistently.  These devices will process all the data the same way as any other node in the cluster.  And each management node can be paired with a standby node for extra redundancy if there are any issues with your primary management FreightSwitch node.



FreightSwitch clustering offers the ability to process traffic through multiple data centers.  Our management nodes distribute all the configurations the signaling nodes need to operate.  These signaling nodes do not need to be run in the same DC as all the signaling nodes and if needed other signaling nodes in the cluster can facilitate the call traffic of other nodes in the cluster.  Our Management nodes can also be set up with a standby server giving you additional peace of mind when you need it.


B2BUA But Better Than Before

What really gives FreightSwitch its CPS efficiency is the re-engineered version of B2BUA.  Our Golang B2BUA is optimized with go routines which help efficiently process each call in a quick and efficient manner.  This can be done 10x more efficiently than our Softswitch.  And since each call transaction for each call is completed in a 1/10th the time we can push out significantly more calls in the same amount of time all on exactly the same hardware.


File System

ZFS has some important improvements for our maintenance and backup procedures.  It has a number of enterprise level functions that allow for improved reliability and recoverability of a system.  This really improves our ability to support our customers when they need help the most.


Update Frequency


Unlike our annual release cycle for Softswitch, FreightSwitch is routinely updated with new features as soon as they are developed by our engineering team.  Feature requests are constantly being added as they are developed and are available as soon as they are fully tested by our Quality Assurance team.

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