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Sippy's pricing is affordable and intended to make it possible for new industry entrants to be competitive. All rental prices include hosting, provisioning, standard support, onboarding, as well as all standard updates and upgrades. All purchase prices include standard support for the first 12 months.

Sippy offers various options to align your business requirements with the most appropriate licensing and hosting plan.  Sippy software has partnerships with the most reputable, secure and technologically advanced data center providers.  In recognition of the many benefits available for hosting your softswitch on the cloud, Sippy has developed its technology to be fully functional on the AWS cloud. If your hosting needs are not met by the options listed below then reach out to our sales team to see how we can make it work.

Softswitch Telecommunications Network VoIP SIP Sippy Class 4 Class 5 Clustering Redundancy Standby Failover PBX Switch RFC 3261 Sippyswitch FreightSwitch STIR SHAKEN TLS RTP MS Teams Compliant Microsoft Teams Compliant

Shared Hosted and AWS (non-shared) pricing includes provisioning, onboarding, standard support as well as all updates and upgrades. A $50 account set up fee applies.


Rental Options






The Sippy Shared Server solution is a complete web­-based portal, delivering comprehensive control and management of your unique venture directly from within your web browser.  Sippy’s Hosted solutions are deployed on enterprise-grade bare­ metal servers within IBM Cloud data Centers in the US and Europe.

Sippy's Shared Server option delivers these benefits:  

  • Knowledgeable engineers will manage your server

  • Collocation in datacenters owned, and secured by IBM

  • Full updates and upgrades

  • Softswitch security

  • Collocation in either USA or Europe

Sippy has been working on AWS for over 7 years now and we know AWS very well.  We are happy to offer hosting on the cloud.  Choose from almost any AWS region around the world.  Our AWS hosting options allow you to make the most of the AWS cloud. Sippy's AWS hosting option is perfect for softswitch operators that want greater control over and access to their switch.

By hosting your softswitch on Sippy's AWS infrastructure you gain several benefits including:

  • The AWS platform provides several layers of redundancy

  • Your softswitch can be maintained during hours that align with your requirements

  • Access to database, thrift, etc. is possible

  • The AWS region where your softswitch is provisioned can provide lower latency

  • Sippy's AWS infrastructure provides additional layers of security

Flex Rental

FLEX rentals deliver various technical and monetary benefits to users including:

  • SSH access can be rented on a monthly basis for $75.00

  • License can be hosted on your server

  • Standard support is included in FLEX rental

  • Updates and upgrades (standard) are free

  • FLEX licenses are scalable as needed

  • License can be purchased when desired (no migration required)

  • Standby FLEX options available

NOTE:  $200 USD fee applies to new FLEX and Purchase installations
During FLEX rental period Sippy's support team  must  have access to the switch on demand.

Full Purchase

SoftSwitch Purchase price includes standard support +updates and upgrades available during the first year.  On year 2 standard support is priced at the annual support rate.

NOTE:  $200 USD fee applies to new FLEX and Purchase installations

FreightSwitch Clustering




Professional Support Tier required @ $3600 USD per license, per year - includes updates and upgrades. 

   * Monthly rental price includes Professional Support Tier


Sippy's PBX solution is designed to complement your Softswitch business requirements.  The PBX solution made available by Sippy is cost effective and includes provisioning, standard support and hosting.

Sippy PBX can be rented as a standalone product OR as an add-on product to your existing Sippy Softswitch.

* 25, 50, and 75 capacity only available to hosted softswitch users.

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PBX Rental
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