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Sippy's PBX solution is designed to complement your Softswitch business requirements.  The PBX solution made available by Sippy is cost effective and includes provisioning, standard support and hosting.


SIP standard
Sippy PBX is based on the VoIP SIP protocol. Telephones, computers and surveillance cameras can be linked together easily and in a single network.
Simple interface
All functions can be set through an intuitive web interface: creating extensions, automatic responders and answering machines is a matter of a few clicks. All messages and music on hold are fully customizable via the web.
User console
Each user can access their own web interface: from there they can manage their settings and all active calls in real time - the phone calls can be dragged with the mouse or with the touch screen from one extension to another.

Control and reporting
A detailed report is available both on the WEB and in Excel format. It is also possible to record the audio of telephone calls: the recordings are saved inside Sippy PBX and it is possible to allow access to even only some users.

Integrated security
Sippy PBX has an integrated firewall and can therefore work in parallel with the corporate firewall. The WAN interface directly exposed to the internet allows business users to connect wherever they are.

Performance and scalability.

Sippy PBX is designed to scale up in proportionate amounts to your softswitch so it is sold in increments that correlate to your softswitch though any number of extensions is possible. 

Integration with CRM
Through the XML-RPC API and the access to the database via ODBC driver it is possible to integrate the VoIP functionalities in your CRM or management system: a few lines of code are enough for an advanced integration.





Quick Creation and Management

Creating a responder and inserting a message in WAV or MP3 is as straightforward as creating a telephone extension.


Management of Activity Hours

Responders can be active within a time slot and perform particular actions outside of business hours.


Actions Menu

Each action within a responder is customizable: you can transfer a call to an extension, queue or other responder.


Internal Creation and Management 

Interior creation takes just a few clicks in an easy and intuitive web interface. The configuration of the devices is automatic. In the user details, you can enter the user's photo for use in the console.


Mobility and Call Forwards

Thanks to the follow me function it is possible to transparently forward calls to mobile numbers or to other stations, thus implementing the mobility of the extensions.


Personal Telephone Answering Devices

Each extension can be equipped with an answering machine. Received messages can be listened to on the phone or forwarded to e-mail.


Web Interface Dedicated for Interiors

Each user can access the personal web interface, where he can see the last calls transited through his extension, change his passwords and manage his own answering machine.




Native SIP Lines

It is possible to connect an unlimited number of VoIP providers supporting the SIP protocol, with management of dialing rules and LCR.


ISDN, Primary and GSM Lines Via Gateway

An ISDN line, a primary access or a GSM line are for Sippy PBX like a native SIP line: just add the gateway with the desired functionality.


Dynamic Caller ID

If the provider supports it, Sippy PBX is able to send a fixed or dynamic caller ID to the public network. Pass-through selections are supported.




Call Distribution

Incoming calls can be distributed to groups of extensions with simultaneous ring, round-robin or incremental control systems.


Custom Hold Music

During the call connection it is possible to listen to customized music on hold loaded in WAV or MP3 format.


Customizable Call Trend

It is possible to set the maximum time that calls remain in a queue, the presence or absence of an answering machine and the possible automatic forwarding of the call to a different destination.


Touchscreen Management Console

The company telephone network can be monitored and managed in real time through a touch screen application. At a glance you can see all the calls in progress and move them from one extension to another with a finger (or a few clicks).




Detailed Reporting

The detailed reports can be consulted both on the web and in Excel format, including calling number, called number, duration and termination codes.


Recording of Calls

You can record the audio of phone calls with caller notification. Calls are logged within the server.


CRM Integration API

Using the XML-RPC API and database access via ODBC driver, a few lines of code are enough for advanced integration with CRMs and other business systems.

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