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Advanced VoIP billing, smart routing, network protection and border control mechanisms all on a single platform. 


Sippy's softswitch provides a complete network management and billing solution for Class 4 and Class 5 carriers.

  • Easily white labeled

  • Secure and stable

  • Scalable

  • Well documented

  • Developed internally

  • Actively improved



Rental Options


Shared Hosted and AWS pricing includes provisioning, onboarding, standard support as well as all updates and upgrades. A $50 account set up fee applies.

FLEX rental options

FLEX rentals deliver various technical and monetary benefits to users including:

  • SSH access can be rented on a monthly basis for $75.00

  • License can be hosted on your server

  • Standard support is included in FLEX rental

  • Updates and upgrades (standard) are free

  • FLEX licenses are scalable as needed

  • License can be purchased when desired (no migration required)

  • Standby FLEX options available

NOTE:  $200 USD fee applies to new FLEX and Purchase installations.
During FLEX rental period Sippy's support team  must  have access to the switch as required.

Purchase Options

SoftSwitch Purchase price includes standard support +updates and upgrades available during the first year.  On year 2 standard support is priced at the annual support rate.

2021 Softswitch Price.PNG
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