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Since 2006

Sippy Software, Inc. has been operating profitably since 2006 and delivers intuitive telecommunications solutions for Internet Telephony worldwide. Sippy’s platform allows carriers to create network capacity within hours, deploy interconnect solutions with foreign carriers on demand, and with a framework that is cost effective, secure and reliable.

The technology developed by Sippy currently handles more than 4 billion calls every month, across hundreds of client networks in more than 100 countries worldwide. Sippy’s products are architectured and developed in-house using a combination of in-house code and well established open source solutions by a captive development team.


About Sippy Software Inc.

Sippy’s products are easily scalable and designed to be modular.  The Sippy Softswitch is at the center of Sippy’s product suite.  The softswitch is composed of a session border controller (SBC) and a billing platform that you can whitelabel and resell.  


Sippy's software is full of features that deliver class 4 and class 5 functionality. Modules can be rented or purchased to let you maximize and increase the functionality.  To increase reliability of your network, Sippy delivers redundancy solutions.  An inhouse developed media gateway allows Sippy to deliver an RTP proxy that lets you increase the power of your infrastructure and to scale your operations efficiently.


To complement its solution offerings, Sippy has designed the FreightSwitch, a SIP softswitch product capable of large scale capacity and CPS (Calls Per Second).  Sippy's FreightSwitch can be set up in large clusters to offer Geo-Redundancy. 


Being a company highly skilled at all things VoIP, Sippy has developed a PBX solutions called SippyPBX.  

We proactively manage our code so we efficiently create applications that continue to remain compliant with industry standards and are secure and resilient.  We believe that longevity is a value that technology needs to deliver.


As part of company policy, our development style is agile to allow our team to create SIP softswitch solutions that can incorporate changing industry and government requirements.  It is our agility that allows us to deliver solutions like STIR/SHAKEN compliance.  


On the business side, we are a company that is led by technology which means that we do not compromise the integrity of our software to accommodate a marketing agenda.  We stay true to our “technology first” mandate.  Our users rent and buy our softswitch, PBX and other products because they know robustness and security are core foundations of everything we do.


Thanks to our versatile and highly experienced technical team Sippy is one of few companies in the field who controls its software stack from lowest OS layer to the upper layers.  Despite our small size we have our own fully in-house developed SIP core that over the years we have perfected and refined to interoperate seamlessly with 99.99% of other products and solutions on the market.  This is not a small feat, and in terms of technology puts us in the same league as Cisco, Broadsoft, Polycom or out of more recent examples Twilio.

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