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Our softswitch is designed to efficiently handle the necessary headers to allow STIR/SHAKEN compliance.  Sippy can create individual STIR/SHAKEN connectors to meet your company's needs or utilize the tools included in your softswitch to sign and verify your calls locally.  Each of these tools have been rigorously tested in interoperability testing with telecommunications companies and their technology providers.


Highlights of Sippy’s STIR/SHAKEN functionality:


  • Calls can be signed or verified locally or through a third party

  • Tools for local signing and verification are built-in both SoftSwitch and FreightSwitch

  • Connectors can be configured to your third party’s unique needs

  • Interoperability tests were done with some of the Telecom’s Brightest minds and top applications

  • Sippy’s partner 1 Call Connect provides a fully tested and verified solution for signing for your calls. ​​​​​

Companies who terminate calls into either the USA or Canada should follow this link to our partner 1 Call Connect to  request information about compliance and their service in relation to Sippy. 

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