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For clients that purchase or rent (Sippy FLEX) their own Sippy Softswitch License, there is the option to create additional virtual Sippy Softswitch Environments (or Partitions).  The main purpose of virtual Sippy Environments is to create an isolated / Self-managed softswitch that is independent of the main softswitch and any other environments.   The Virtual Environment has its own administration, authentication, routing, rating, and billing regardless of whatever else is configured on other environments. 


Virtual Environments are often used to separate production traffic from trial routes and traffic, to sepárate retail traffic from wholesale routes, or to create mini-self contained Softswitch instances to provide to customers needing a Softswitch solution.


  • White-label Reseller portals

  • Capacity Partitioning

  • IP and Port management

  • Expiration date supported

  • Flexible Performance and Capacity management

  • Web Interface accessibility management

  • Available for Dedicated, FLEX and Perpetual purchase licenses

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