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The Sippy Calling Card module provides a multilingual IVR architecture, with real-time call authorization and charging, dynamic call routing, and advanced call control.  Through the Sippy administrative portal, it is easy to configure access numbers, create IVR applications, add tariffs and/or prepaid products, set up resellers, distributors, generate batches of cards (PINs), top-up vouchers, and perform monitoring & troubleshooting.

Sippy also provides a dynamic rating system, providing the ability to add special fees (such as Ghost and shadow Billing), announcements for call duration and/or call cost. 


In addition to the account and reseller, web-portals allow users to re-review call history data, perform top-up and much more, Sippy provides a complete set of APIs allowing Sippy Clients to create customer web-portal and to integrate other solutions (such as integrating with reseller POS (Point of Sale).​

  • Web based configuration

  • Comprehensive IVR’s

  • Supported languages

    • Arabic, Armenia, Chinese, English, French, German,

    • Japanese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

  • Recharge Vouchers

    • Voucher usage Reporting

    • Credit/Voucher expiration

    • Unlimited Bulk generation

  • PIN management (Account/Card management)

    • Flexible PIN/Account definition

    • Bulk generation

    • Personal portal

  • Pin or Pinless Dialing

  • Voicemail

  • Hotkeys

  • Trusted Number Authentication

  • Call Forwarding

  • API Accessibility

  • Account manipulation

  • Payments, credits, debits

  • Card Lifetime supported

  • Invoicing

  • Charges

  • Prefix based Minute plans

  • Mystery minutes

  • Post call surcharges

  • DID management

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