The Sippy Callback Module provides a mechanism to initiate a phone call using the web-browser, email client or mobile device of the user.  The Callback (or "Call-back") solution works as a "Click-to-Call" function on a website (for example a retail site may have a "Click-to-Call" button on the website, so that website users can easily converse with the retail sites agents).   Web Callback uses many of the same features found in the Sippy Calling Card Module, for real-time call authorization and charging, dynamic call routing, and advanced call control.  Through the Sippy administrative portal, it is easy to configure access numbers, create IVR applications, add tariffs and perform monitoring & troubleshooting.


In addition to the web callback, it is possible to set up a single (or multiple international) telephone numbers that the client can call.  The client is automatically registered using the telephone number (such as the mobile phone number), and is given a dial-tone.  The client enters the number that they wish to call, and hangs up.   The Sippy Softswitch will then complete the phone call to the destination number, and will also create a second phone call, back (hence, call-back) to the client - once answered, the client and the destination number will be connected together.


In addition to the account and reseller, web-portals allow users to re-review call history data, perform top-up and much more, Sippy provides a complete set of APIs allowing Sippy Customers to build "Click-to-Call" and other "directory" solutions using the Web Callback Module


** IMPORTANT:  Callback solutions are prohibited in many countries worldwide.   Please ensure you have the necessary permits or licenses required, or the legal right to offer this service.