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Many countries and territories have implemented extensive "SPAM" and privacy laws that can result in the wholesale company being responsible for delivering unsolicited calls or faxes to paying substantial fines.


There are several "National DNCL", "International" and Pan-European DNCL filters/lists available, to enable you to demonstrate that you are working to ensure that consumers who do not want to receive unsolicited calls, don't.  By implementing the DNCL filters, you ensure that the households you do contact are more likely to be receptive to receiving the call,  streamlining your calling process and potentially improving overall response rates and costs-per-call. 


While it is possible to implement one-time (or several, one-time) number blocking, the DNCL is the only option available to ensure that you maintain a complete list, and are compliant with new and changing regulatory laws concerning SPAM calling.


For more information, please contact sales or go to:

Sippy DNCL Support Article

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