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Cloud Backups Module

It wasn't long ago that news of a burning datacenter was everywhere.​

Redundancy options are critical and the ability to provide your customers guarantees around the continuity of your operations can set you apart from your competitors. Sippy has developed and maintains alternative redundancy options that are affordable and efficient.  

The Cloud Backups alternative that Sippy offers will provide peace of mind to your customers and investors. With this alternative to a standby, Sippy will create a monthly, weekly or daily copy of your database so that you can have some safeguards in place if a disaster occurs. 


The major benefits of the Cloud Backups option are:

  • Cost is a fraction of the cost of licensing and maintaining a full standby softswitch

  • You can select the frequency of data replication

  • The data that is backedup can be used for several key business functions such as reporting

  • Key hardware resources can be economized by minimizing the amount of data kept on the live server, eg. archived CDRs

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