Sippy is provided as an "All-in-One" solution through the WEB Interface.  However, almost all core elements of the Sippy oftswitch are controlled by the powerful XML-RPC APIs, enabling clients to integrate existing in-house management solutions, third-party technologies (such as SMS providers), and networking between different softswitch and SBC solutions. 


In short, the Sippy XML-RPC APIs not only offer an advanced method for system administration, they provide clients with an extremely powerful platform for developing extensive IP based telecommunications solutions.

  • Use Sippy as the foundation to your completely flexible VoIP business. Develop Custom solutions and integrations on top of Sippy

  • Language agnostic - Developers can integrate using their language of choice, python, java, PHP, ruby etc.

  • Upload your Rates and Routes through the Binary Upload

  • Manipulate Accounts, Customers and Vendors

  • Manage Environments

  • Access the External Balance Daemon for centralized balance tracking

  • Full documentation available for all our XML-RPC API methods on our support forums located here