Sippy provides your NOC (Network Operations Centre) with the tools to install, support, and maintain the physical servers where our Sippy Softswitch Licenses reside.  These tools include Web-portal and email access to the Sippy technical support team who can provide round-the-clock support, assistance, and guidance on the optimum use of your Sippy Softswitch. Virtually every aspect of your Sippy Softswitch is designed to provide you with complete administration and configuration of the features and as such there are too many options to list in one place. 


Some of the core administration features that users request, include:

  • Network Activity Recorder for analysis and debugging purposes

  • Re-rate CDR tool

  • Web based Ping/Traceroute analysis tool

  • Destination/Prefix management

  • IP Firewall Management for SIP, Web, SSH, and Database access

  • Access Controls for Web users

  • Complete control Web Interface - All switch management features are available from your user interface