Sippy Media Gateway (SMG)

A high-performance software proxy that brings further control and efficiency to your VoIP network.

Sippy Media Gateway (SMG) is the most powerful RTP-Proxy based media gateway solution on the market. Designed and built by Sippy Software, the SMG license provides a rapid return on investment, optimizes the distribution of SIP traffic, enhances overall network performance and delivers unlimited channel capacity through clustering technology.


As with all Sippy products, the Sippy Media Gateway provides a clear distributed network migration and scalability path. Clients can continue to expand their existing business using the bundled, Internal SMG solutions, migrate to a hosted media gateway solution, or deploy a complete clustered and/or distributed SMG solution using the External SMG solutions.


  • Tier 1 Data Centre hosting

  • Session Capacity scaling

  • US Colocation

  • VoIP traverse NAT firewalls

  • Relaying of voice, video or any RTP stream of data

  • Playing of pre-encoded in-band announcements

  • RTP payload re-framing

  • Optimizing packet flow

  • Routing VoIP calls over VPN links

  • Real-time stream copying

  • Relaying of RTCP channels

  • Enables convenient location for call quality analysis

  • A simple control protocol allowing for integration with other systems

  • BSD Clause-2 licensed code

  • Clustering across geographic areas (with assistance from rtp_cluster)


Sippy Media Gateway