Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted

Premium, yet affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution 

A CLASS 4 (Wholesale) and Class 5 (Retail) cloud-based Softswitch solution powering hundreds of mid-tier interconnects, brokers and carriers, delivering you a conservative, yet comprehensive management solution to provide you with the opportunity to work on growing your business, rather than managing your operations. Sippy Hosted Solutions are ideal for VoIP entrepreneurs, startups, interconnects and carriers. 


Fully secure, private and managed 24 x7 within an IBM Cloud Data Center

Enterprise Grade Share Hosted Infastructure

The Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted solution is a complete web­-based portal, delivering comprehensive control and management of your unique venture directly from within your web browser.  Sippy’s Hosted solutions are deployed on enterprise-grade bare­ metal within IBM Cloud data Centers in the US and Europe.


Enterprise Grade Scalability

Larry Ackerman

Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted pricing is capacity and feature based.  Concurrent Call (CC) Capacity ranges from 100 CC to 4000 CC for a single instance.  With Calls Per Second (CPS) ranging from 30 CPS to 90 CPS in parallel with concurrent calls.

Economic Solutions

Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted pricing is designed to provide a rapid ROI for customers.  With Sippy, you can deliver a premium level of service, while maintaining margins!

Support | Training | Onboarding

Our mission is to ensure you are operational and generating revenue as fast as possible.  To this end, we provide FREE training and FREE chat based onboarding support to all new customer.   


Free Standard Support, 24 x 7 - live web-portal and email based support is provided with all Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted customer.

Additional Class 5 (Retail) Modules

Sippy Retail Module                                 $49 per Month

  • Calling Card

  • Retail VoIP Solutions


Sippy Call-Back Modules                         $49 per Month

  • Web/ANI/Email Call-Back - Initiate ringback to originating CLI for connection through and DID service or through your account portal.



Note: A $50 fee applies for new account set up.