Customer hosted - Monthly SMG License Rental (Sippy FLEX)

High-Quality Softswitch - Strategic One Time Purchase

When customers require a cost-effective Sippy Media Gateway (SMG)  solution as a monthly operating cost, Sippy Software provides the Sippy FLEX license rental.

Sippy FLEX can be installed on your server(s), virtually anywhere in the world and is used by fixed-line and mobile carriers, MVNOs, Wholesalers, Call Center providers, and retail voice providers worldwide.  With additional features such as LRN dip, IPSEC interconnects capabilities, Do Not Call List management, DID Management, and much more.   

Advantages of Sippy FLEX License Rental


For larger carriers, interconnects and any client willing to operate a full CLASS 4 / 5 Softswitch within their own premises with a one-time capital investment, the Sippy Purchased License (or "Perpetual License") is the solution. With Scalable pricing based on the number of channels/ports that can scale with your traffic volume - the Sippy Purchased License offers a carrier-grade solution at the most conservative price point, yet with significant versatility.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

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  • The latest version of the Sippy Softswitch license installed on your own, self­managed infrastructure.

    • Complete Wholesale (Class 4) Routing, Rating, and Billing features.​

    • Base capacity of 2,000 Concurrent Calls (CC) and 75 Calls per second

    • Scale from 2,000CC to 10,000CC on the same server.

    • Scale from 75 CPS to 300 CPS.

    • Optimized solution for High CC/CPS > 100

  • SSH and DB accessibility for complete NOC control.

  • Complimentary 12 Months Support and Maintenance contract.

  • Cost-effective, Purchased License Model rates.

  • Conservative capacity scaling rates.

  • Conservative ongoing annual contract renewal.

  • Expiration-free license ownership.

Support | Training | Onboarding

Our mission is to ensure you are operational and generating revenue as fast as possible.  To this end, we provide FREE training and FREE chat based onboarding support to all new customer.   


Free Standard Support, 24 x 7 - live web-portal and email based support is provided with all Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted customer.

* NOTE:  A $200 Installation Fee, applies to all new installations