Sippy Dedicated Cloud Hosted

Sippy Softswitch Hosted on a Dedicated Cloud Server 

For clients seeking the security, performance, and geographical location that meets their business needs. Sippy Software, in partnership with IBM Cloud, can deliver dedicated cloud instances through over 49 data centers, hosted in 37 countries worldwide


Fully secure, private and managed 24 x7 within an IBM Cloud Data Center

Enterprise Grade Shared Hosted Infrastructure

Sippy Premium Dedicated Hosted Solutions are exclusively provided through our partnership with IBM Cloud.  Each solution is delivered on dedicated, enterprise-grade, Bare-metal servers located in one of more than 39 IBM Cloud datacenters worldwide.   

The Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted solution is a complete web­-based portal, delivering comprehensive control and management of your unique venture directly from within your web browser. All Dedicated Cloud Instances are built on custom bare-metal enterprise-grade servers and as such are subject to price fluctuations based on the exact needs of the customers.    

Sippy Premium Dedicated Hosted

Sippy Standard Dedicated Hosted

Sippy SP - Service Provider Options

Options for service providers who require more dynamic CPS (such as Call Centers), additional environments (such as Softswitch hosting partners), High Availability Solutions (HA), professional services or a greater level of support.


Pricing is for basic wholesale functionality only and varies dependant on the CPS, Bandwidth, HA and scalability requirements of the client

Support | Training | Onboarding

Our mission is to ensure you are operational and generating revenue as fast as possible.  To this end, we provide FREE training and FREE chat based onboarding support to all new customers.   


Free Standard Support, 24 x 7 - live web-portal and email based support is provided with all Sippy Dedicated Cloud Hosted solutions.

Sippy Standard Dedicated Hosted Solutions are provided through Sippy partners in the US and Europe.  These solutions are provided on a cost-effective basis with a small management fee for delivering and billing an all-in-one solution.