Industry-wide, Sippy’s Softswitch is known for being secure. The technical team monitors security parameters every hour of every day to make sure that we are on top of any security issues that might come up. Beyond our 24/7 monitoring, our Softswitch sits on the secure FreeBSD platform which makes its performance particularly robust, and secure. The security features built-in to our Softswitch guarantee that your business relies on secure technology.


Password security controls:

7+ digit/number/symbol length password prompting

Manageable password policies

Password Strength Indicator

Multifactor Authentication (including Google Authenticator)

Sippy’s key security features:

  • SIP TLS forms part of Sippy's basic security layer and delivers secure communication between your accounts and your vendors

  • Multi Factored Authentication Switch operators can enable multi-factored authentication for web users. Users have the option to use an email based system or google authentication

  • SSL Certificates SSL certificates can be generated from the softswitch via Let's Encrypt

  • Encrypted passwords Passwords are encrypted when saved and cannot be retrieved from the database

  • Separate VoIP credentials for Digest Authentication Different web and SIP traffic credentials Accounts for accessibility and user security

  • Sophisticated VoIP traffic Authentication Combined Remote IP, Incoming CLI and Incoming CLD authentication to authenticate traffic to an Account

  • Account session limits Total session limits (inbound/outbound combined) protect an Account from traffic flooding resulting from a hacked Account

  • Account CPS limits CPS limits protect an Account from traffic flooding resulting from a hacked Account

  • Built-in Firewall for additional network security layer Web, SSH, DB, and SIP traffic firewall rules

  • Web Access Control restriction Restrict staff web login to a specific IP addresses/location

  • User Audit logs Monitor changes made by staff and track when they access the softswitch and from where

  • Connection channel and CPS limits restrictive routing and capping of calls to specified upstream locations

  • In-house framework (Sippy B2BUA & RTPproxy) ensures Sippy is not remotely vulnerable to industry-wide security and fraud attacks

  • Mask network topology using the media relay features to proxy RTP traffic and hide IPs

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