The Voice telecom business moves fast, it is important to be able to make real-time business decisions based on hard, accurate information.  To meet business information needs, Sippy provides Real-Time monitoring with the ability to check data on a moment by month basis - extend your view on the data to a time period that suits your needs.  Real-time monitoring includes:


  • 'Real-time' time series graphs

    • Call Processing time - Time to Vendor, SIP, LRN, AA.

    • Calls Per Second - Ingress cps, Egress cps, Authorized, Routed, Connected.

    • In Progress Calls / Concurrent Calls (Channels) - Total, Connected


  • System-Wide ASR / ACD - ACD, ASR all in, ASR all out, ASR authenticated.

    • Bandwidth In Use

    • Throughput

  • Active Calls Monitoring


  • Real-time Credit/Balance reconciliation


  • Real-time call rating and billing


  • Network packet capture abilities - ability to capture network traffic for off-line analysis in wireshark or other industry standard tools.

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