Boost the performance of your voice network architecture with the Sippy Media Gateway. The Sippy Media Gateway is the preeminent RTP Proxy platform, slashing CPU load and harnessing the true performance of a clustered network architecture - leveraging the highest Quality of Service (QoS) possible from your infrastructure.

Complementing your Sippy network architecture with SMG succeeds in decreasing traffic processing times and maximizing the power of your mission-critical hardware. Co-locate your Sippy Media Gateway in any geographical location and minimize media transmission latency.

  • Optimize system clustering with multi-stream RTP management.

  • Balance load from mission critical primary servers to RTP Proxy dedicated box - effectively increasing the capacity handling performance of your HW 

  • Retain complete control over Media for NAT traversal and information sensitivity 

  • Geographically deploy Distributed SMG to optimize media transmission latency