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Sippy Software, Inc. has been operating profitably since 2006 and delivers intuitive
telecommunications solutions for Internet Telephony worldwide. Sippy’s platform allows carriers to create network capacity within hours, deploy interconnect solutions with foregin carriers on demand, and with a framework that is cost effective, secure and reliable.


The technology developed by Sippy currently handles more than 4 billion calls every month, across hundreds of client networks in more than 100 countries worldwide. Sippy’s products are architectured and developed in-house using a combination of in-house code and well established open source solutions by a captive development team.


Our focus is exclusively on B2B market and our customers include communication services providers, regional LTE operators, voice resellers, call centers etc.

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Historically, Sippy has been a company whose choices are driven rigorously by technological considerations; as a result, Sippy enjoys a strong reputation for technical reliability.  In addition, given that technological choices have driven the company’s evolution, the company has remained constant and stable in its earnings, not having experimented with marketing models that would move it away from its core technical competencies or vision.  

Sippy’s value to its users is in its low barrier to entry.  The hosted, monthly pay option available through Sippy allows its users to avoid large capital expenditures while providing them a scalable infrastructure that lets them compete in some segments with much bigger carriers.  Sippy’s market is made up of small to midsize companies that provide services to wholesale and retail customers alike.

Our technology is proven and our management team is well known and respected throughout the industry.  If you're interested in being part of our ownership team feel free to drop us a line.  

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