The Sippy Shared Cloud Hosted solution is a complete web­-based portal, delivering comprehensive control and management of your unique venture directly from within your web browser.  Sippy’s Hosted solutions are deployed on enterprise-grade bare­ metal servers within IBM Cloud data Centers in the US and Europe.

Sippy Dedicated Hosted Solutions are exclusively provided through our partner Data Centers in the US and Europe.  These solutions are provided on a cost effective basis with a small management fee for delivering and billing an all-in-one solution.


For customers who wish to make a one-time purchase, and to realize faster ROI.  The self-hosted softswitch is a cost effective option for those who can maintain their own infrastructure. 

Sippy has been working on AWS for over 7 years now and we know AWS very well.  We are happy to offer hosting on the cloud.  Choose from almost any AWS region around the world.  Our AWS hosting options allow you to make the most of the AWS cloud.