Sippy Software Inc. is a corporation legally registered under the laws of Canada, we abide by the rules and we execute our affairs ethically. Our good reputation has been built over many years. Sippy’s ownership and management team is made up of well known industry professionals who regularly contribute efforts to improve our industry.

There are companies that steal the work we do and that illegally capitalize on the name we have made, these companies steal from us and they sell cheap, stolen, software in order to steal from you (routes, customers, private information, etc.).


The worst known offender for Fraud, Piracy and Theft, is a company that goes by the misleading name: SIPPY SWITCH
You may find Sippy Switch on social media, and online. DO NOT TRUST THEM

Report these companies to the authorities to keep yourself and your customers safe.





If you or a company you know of purchased a license from the fraudulent company Sippy Switch ( and they stole your money, customers, routes, etc., Sippy Software Inc. has great news for you!!!

We are offering a relief plan whereby you can receive a discount based on the amount of money Sippy Switch (the fraudulent company) stole from you.

Here is how the Sippy Switch Fraud Relief Program works:


  • You provide us details of your dealings with Sippy Switch (the fraudulent company) along with details about your switch

  • We review the information you share and do an internal review

  • If our internal review is positive, you will receive a notification

  • We provide you a credit towards the rental or purchase of a REAL license with our company

Email our sales team at and tell us about your negative experience with Sippy Switch the fraudulent company and we will do our best to provide help.

As Sippy Switch (the fraudulent company) is well known to run scams in our industry, we need to be very careful with how we issue the Fraud Relief Program credits so we retain the right to refuse any requests under the Fraud Relief Program.

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