Direct Inbound Dialling number (Phone Numbers or "DIDs") offer a cost-effective way to extend your VoIP retail service of ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) beyond your native area code.  With Sippy Software, you can easily manage your DIDs directly from the administrative or reseller portals, via the Sippy APIs, or you can bulk upload DIDs directly.   DIDs can have different buying/selling charges based on your business needs and are easily accounted for within the CDR reporting tools. 

Perfect for any standard Business Use as well as Call Center, Polling, Marketing, and Custom Application


  • DID inventory search/filtering

  • Bulk upload tool

  • Flexible Inbound routing

    • Route to client PBXs by IP addresses - Trunking

    • Follow me ( Call Forwarding ) style services where inbound call can be routed back out to an alternate destination

  • Buying/Selling charges support

  • DID Status and Assignment visibility

  • DID CDR Reporting