Sippy provides carriers a series of business and commercial reports that enable owners, sales teams, and network operations teams to make fast, accurate business decisions based on real, accurate data.


  • Customer and Vendor/Supplier CDR’s (Destination, caller etc.) that can be filtered by:

    • All or individual Customer Vendor/Supplier CDR’s

    • By Date and/or Time Range

    • Call Completion Status (easy to locate specific failed calls) 

  • Commercial Reporting including:

    • Profit/Loss Reports

    • Flexible Summary reports

    • Sales Reports

    • Payments Reports

  • Quality Reporting including:

    • Flexible ASR/ACD Reporting

  • Download/Email tools

  • Data export

    • Account Export

    • Tariffs / Rate Deck

    • Route / Code Deck

    • Customer CDRs

    • Supplier CDRs

  • PDF Invoice export