The Sippy Billing engine is heavily relied upon not just for voice-related services, but as a unified billing solution for multiple business services (such as SMS and Triple Play solutions like IPTV, video-on-demand and data usage.  

The Sippy billing engine provides a flexible and dynamic suite of tools to initiate new services, provide comprehensive pricing solutions for both pre-paid, post-paid clients, wholesale, carrier, and call center solutions providers.   In addition, the Sippy customer Invoice Template tool allows clients to build unique, custom invoice templates to match their business branding.  Options include:

  • 'Real-time' billing

  • Flexible Weekly, Fortnightly, and Monthly Billing Cycles

  • Configurable billing pattern for call rating (Example: 30:6, 1:1 for per-second billing)

  • Pre and Postpaid Service Plans

  • DID/CLD accessibility surcharge support

  • Configurable Service Plan fixed fees (Example: Monthly Plan fee)

  • Billing failure action management

  • Destination based Minute Plan support

  • Configurable rounding method (round up, round) for Customer and Vendor CDRs

  • Improved Invoicing Generation

  • Payment processor integration for automatic client payments on low balance via Credit Card or Paypal.

  • Low Balance notifications and Automatic Payment features

  • Currency support

  • 162 default currencies

  • Manual or automatic exchange rate

  • Time zones can be configured on individual Vendor or Client basis

  • External Balance Daemon for Centralized Balance Management

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