Sippy Software, Inc. has been a leading provider of reliable, profitable, and intuitive global telecommunications solutions for Internet Telephony worldwide since 2004. Our scalable, innovative VoIP products and solutions are architected by a development team that has focused on revolutionizing telecommunications, delivering a cost-effective communication architecture with operating costs that cannot be matched by any traditional circuit-switched PSTN network provider worldwide. Sippy currently handles more than 4 billion minutes of traffic, across thousands of client networks in more than 100 countries worldwide, assisting new ITSPs to launch on a weekly basis and contributing significant advancements to many open-source SIP projects.


Our Mission

Sippy Software, Inc. has quickly established itself as a leader in the design and development of next-generation, high-performance solutions for VoIP communication systems. We also offer a full range of professional services to meet specific client needs, including consulting, technical support and custom software development.


Sippy strongly believes that open source and open standards represent the only future for the telecoms industry. We actively contribute major fixes and enhancements to many well-known open-source projects such as Asterisk, SIP Express Router, OpenSIPS, Vovida and FreeBSD. We also actively believe that we should not compete against our clients, and so remain solely focused on developing core, leading edge, Class 4 and 5 switch technologies.